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Tap into the wisdom of crowd intelligence to better Invest!

Investwall is an online community that combines technology and information provided by the “crowd” to improve stock market investment decisions.
Connect, share and profit with other investors using our proprietary tools and harness the crowd’s wisdom to better manage your portfolio.
Investment Tools

Investment Tools

Powerful Investment Tools combining portfolio analysis with crowd sourced stock market intelligence for investors on the one wall….Investwall

Social Awareness

Social Awareness

Your Information tools on Investwall includes the opinions, insights and ideas from the public all over the world

Opinions from the Crowd

Opinions from the Crowd

Diversify your information sources from analysts and researchers to include a wide range of opinions from diverse and independent investors when considering your investment strategy.

Investwall’s proprietary, institutional-quality investment tools

Vast Information available to an investor make it impossible to search for, collect, filter and extract the most relevant and important financial information.

We provide our users with powerful, proprietary, institutional-quality investment tools, which used to be available only to the big financial firms.

Our tools make the complicated and statistical results from analytics, combine it with information provided by the “crowd” to provide meaningful tools to investors so they can zoom right into the relevant pieces of financial information that really move the stocks and market.


Socially-aware information tools

Investors are now looking beyond the opinions of experts, and also include opinions, insights and ideas from the general public in their investment decision-making.

Investwall’s Socially-aware information tools produces the most personalized and relevant content by collecting, aggregating and filtering blogs and news and presenting them back to you in an easy to see and understand format.

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Leverage the crowd’s opinions for your investments

Today’s Investment phenomenon! a diverse and independent “crowd” can make more precise predictions than a few people, even when only professionals are involved.

Research has shown that on average investors are better off by trusting the crowd rather than analysts. Main Street might just know more than Wall Street about what’s going on.

Diversity of information is essential and as an investor you want are a bunch of different approaches to meet your objectives.

By tapping into the financial community with Investwall you can guide your investment decisions, reduce your learning curve, and boost your research.